What is an ATS Resume?

by Amanda Pestana

ATS stands for applicant tracking systems. It is a software that enables electronic handling of recruitment needs, meaning that a computer is reviewing your resume. The computer will match the prerequisites established by the hiring manager and identify the candidates that meet those qualifications. The system will filter, rank, and categorize the candidates accordingly. This feature can be implemented or accessed online, depending on the program.

When do I run into an ATS? When submitting a resume online. The purpose of these programs is to facilitate the process of sorting through multiple resumes. Large corporations heavily use this program. In addition to the ATS platform, CRM tools, channel of communication, job posting distribution, and EEOC compliance are integrated features.


The ATS system will extract information from your resume. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the candidates that do not qualify for the position as quickly as possible. The problem with this system is that people that are a good fit for the position end up in the wrong pile. This is primarily due to formatting. Formatting is a crucial component in avoiding getting wrongfully eliminated by the system. Another issue is the lack of correct keywords within the resume highlighting the skill set of the potential candidate. It is essential to understand the job description of the position you are interested in and develop content that highlights your capacity and skillset effectively.


Greenhouse (Pinterest)

Taleo (Boeing)

iCIMS (Amazon)

Jobvite (Zillow)

Brassring (Disney)

Lever (Lyft)


There are two things to consider job titles and hard skills. It is crucial to predict keywords that a recruiter will be looking for. The best indicators are located within the job description. Make sure the job title of the position is highlighted within your resume. Hard skills are also a key component when analyzing a resume; therefore, make sure your learned skills and experiences are effectively repeated throughout the resume content. Analyze the job description and prioritize the skill sets they are seeking. Keep formatting simple, and remember headings and formatting will either attract the ATS systems towards your resume or away from

The design of your resume should align with the ATS formatting to ensure that you don't get disqualified just because of the resume style. Tables, columns, headers, and footers could cause errors within the ATS. Therefore, triple think on how to arrange content with style and design it in a way that will keep the system engaged with your content development. After the ATS system, you must also consider the reader of your resume. It takes only 10-seconds for a hiring manager to decide whether or not to contact the potential candidate or to place the resume in the do not contact pile. Therefore, consider the ATS formatting, develop content that aligns with the job description, and style your resume in a way that will enhance the resume attracting both the ATS and reader.

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