What are some effective ways to address a career change in a cover letter?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

by Amanda Pestana

Writer's block is a real thing, and it becomes even more real when you are writing a cover letter. It is hard to find the words or the meaning you are seeking for a position you want. Many times we tend to overthink it and over-analysis the approach that should be considered when writing a cover letter, making it difficult to get out of writer's block.

Here are a few simple phrases that may be used to enhance your cover letter while enticing your reader, and hopefully get the wheels turning to get you out of writer's block:

  • "I believe my career change will enhance productivity, the level of service, and work quality, because of (state skill sets highly desired for the position) due to my diverse career experience."

  • "I am sure that my career change will provide unparalleled service for (name the business you are applying for), because (name a very valid reason or highly regarded qualification for the position)."

  • "I can integrate multiple perspectives and approaches to central dilemmas because of my career change. My perceive experiences have given me the capability to (name a highly wanted qualification for the position)."

  • "I understand my career change might seem unprecedented; however, I am confident that because of this change, I will be able to deliver (list the skill sets highly desired for the position) in a way no other can."

For more quick tips or strategies when writing your cover letter, reach out to one of your consultants. We would be more than glad to assist you. Speak with a Free Consultant!

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