The Secret to Social Media Marketing

There are several marketing agencies, marketing strategists, and consultants that say they have the formula, the answer, or the secret for your social media to skyrocket. Now, this isn’t an article to say that our marketing is the best and that you need to work with us. On the contrary, we want to inform you on how to identify social media experts that will be a good fit for your business; we want you to make the best decision for your business.

This week our team came across an ad on Facebook that had everyone talking. The ad started by saying, “Are you frustrated with your social media marketing? Are you tired of paying for social media ads, and wasting your money on marketing experts? Don’t waste your time marketing on social media anymore.” First, the ad was on social media - Facebook. They were paying for an announcement on social media, and they developed a few ad campaigns to get to the one that our team came across. When looking through the comments on this ad, they replied to someone saying the following, “After watching our training you’ll be able to determine if what we offer seems like a good fit for your particular business… We do not work with everyone who reaches out to us because sometimes we aren’t a fit.” Besides all the contradictions in their ad, only one thing was truthful “a good fit.”

There is no secret formula to social media marketing; it is the strategy that drives results. Whoever is managing your social media marketing needs to know your target audience, how they think, and what they need, although they might not realize it until you offer it to them. It is about understanding how the system operates to identify the right words to use in your ad. It is trial and error and working to improve results as you read the collected data. A good fit for your business is a social media expert that communicates effectively, continuously develops marketing strategies that reach each ad campaigns’ objectives, and one that strives to learn and improve their technique. That will always be a good fit for your business.

If any marketing agency is saying they guarantee fast results, they are not honest with you. Marketing is about continuously improving your content and strategies. It takes time. Essentially, it is about quality versus quantity. You will get tired and burned out if you have several campaigns that did not achieve your objectives, as the money spent on ads adds up. Ad strategies vary. What works for one business, won’t necessarily work for another; therefore, it is essential to work to identify experts that understand who you are, and where you want to go.

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