Six Steps to Improve Your Communication

Communication is the exchange of information, news, or messages; it is key to success and the driving force of any business. Written and verbal communication composes 90% of all business transactions. Focus is placed on having more precise and effective communication, but communication is subject to interpretation. Interpretation is one’s understanding of the received information, news, or message. If you communicated, but your audience still did not understand your message or interpreted incorrectly, then you are not communicating effectively.

The main components of communication are the person, the sending or receiving of the message, delivery, and the content or context of the information. The person is at the center of communication, and culture is an intricate part of each person. Culture influences the interpretation of the message that is communicated. There is no clear and effective communication without cultural understanding.

UCLA’s study concluded that nonverbal communication makes-up 93% of all communication, while only 7% of communication is verbal. Body language is a massive part of a conversation, and word selection is just as vital. Therefore, to ensure correct interpretation of what you are communicating, take into consideration these six steps:

  • Understand the cultural background of your audience.

  • Communicate from your audience’s perspective.

  • Be respectful of language barriers and cultural differences.

  • Simplify your message and go straight to the point.

  • Monitor and regulate the attention and intention of your words.

  • Collect feedback as a follow up from your message.

When you speak the language of your audience, you will ensure that the interpretation of your message is correct, developing a clear and compelling communication pattern.

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