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It is crucial for your growth, development, and state-of-mind to take time in the mornings with activities that will positively impact the rest of your day. There are numerous benefits to your health and your outlook on life. How many times have we been served by someone that was miserable with themselves and it overflowed into their work? How many times have you been mistreated by a customer service representative that was just rude and mean? You can’t give what you don’t have. If all you have is hate, worry, stress, concern, regret, anger, depression, and sadness, how can employers expect the opposite? People strive to separate work from their personal lives, but their personal lives reflect in their work.

Some time ago, I went to a job interview for a position that would be remote, but the CEO of the company wanted to meet all potential candidates in person before making his decision. So, I went to the interview, and he started asking me questions as if he hadn’t read through my resume. I answered each question, and as more time passed, he asked me where did I live? I thought it odd, especially since the position was remote, but he explained that if there was a need to come to the office, he wanted to make sure I would be willing to come. I said, I understood, and of course, I would, but then he said the following, “I want to make sure that you prioritize your work and position within our organization. We should never be your second plan or an option to you or a means to an end. We will prioritize candidates that prioritize their position with our company.” This made it quite clear to me that this is not an organization I wanted to work for. Why? Because no company or business has the right to demand an employee’s reverence. Instead, companies should strive to develop a work culture where employees would have the pleasure of attending and going to work. Just because employers pay an employee a salary for working long hours and completing many tasks - it does not mean they should worship the ground they walk on. An employer doesn’t own an employee just because they pay them a salary or wage that is rightfully theirs.

The demand and expectations placed by employers on employees many times are unrealistic. There is a human aspect to any business, especially when immersing yourself in other cultures. If you cannot respect yourself, how can you respect others? How can you demand from an employee, what you haven’t been giving to the organization you work for?

At Nablu, we strongly invite our team members to read and focus on an encouraging word every morning. Whether they decide to read the Bible, the Torah, or take time for some yoga and meditation - whatever it is that they choose to do. If team members need prayer or time to vent or need someone to speak with, we encourage them to reach out to that individual during this time as well. Life is too short to hold onto all the negatives life throws our way. We want our team members to be the best version of themselves conveying kindness in all they do.

We want you to feel refreshed and strengthened. We are all human, not perfect. We want you to let go of everything hindering you from becoming the best you-you can be. May your days be filled with love, joy, kindness, and grace, so you be a light amid all the darkness.

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