How to ask for a raise during an interview?

by Amanda Pestana

There are four tactics you can use to ask for a raise during an interview. However, let your emotional intelligence guide you to the perfect moment and wording you should use.

Tactic Número Uno

This is the easiest way you can possibly ask for a raise - increase your previous salary. This option doesn't require someone to step too much from their comfort zone. When they ask during the interview how much you make or made, you simply state the amount you would like to make for your new role. For example, if they ask you how much you made or make at your last job you say $45,000 instead of $39,000.

Now, for those concerned with lying, take this into consideration. Many times job titles and wages do not reflect the value or the true nature of what you actually do. For example, huge amounts of workload, the long hours, and the stress levels you deal with just to earn that paycheck. Therefore, if you consider the value of your work (which you can definitely check on the Bureau of Labor Statistics), you might find that you deserve more than what you are actually getting. Therefore, state a value you deserve and should be receiving rather than the amount you are actually getting which isn’t genuine to begin with.

Tactic Número Dos

This form is dependent on two parts of the interview. When you ask the question about job tasks or when the interviewer explains the job description. There are keep words you are looking for which are the following:

  • Long hours

  • Multitasking

  • Heavy workload

  • Willing to help whenever and where ever needed

Once you hear anything related to the above, you wait for the salary question. Once they bring it up, you can go on to mentioning that you have every intention to commit long-term to this position. You believe you are an excellent fit for the position for XYZ reasons. Therefore, you would feel more comfortable accepting an offer with a salary range of $45,000 to $50,000 due to the level of tasks and long hours they are expecting, instead of the original salary previously mentioned.

Tactic Número Tres

This strategy is a waiting game. The interview is about to end and you know (without a doubt) they absolutely loved you, and want to hire you! So, you say if offered the position, I will be able to (list at least three capabilities that are unique and impressive), and mention the following: I understand the salary starts at $X amount, however, I seek employment growth, as well as, salary growth and hope to discuss a raise in the near future.

This means that you are willing to wait for the raise even after starting the position; however, you have informed them up front that you expect to get a raise probably within or right after 90 days.

Tactic Número Cuatro

You wait until you have the offer in your hands. So, don’t mention during the interview a salary increase. Sometimes this works better because they really want you and aren't looking for any excuse not to hire you. Therefore, before you submit your approval, you bring up the salary. For example, I am aware that the salary disclosed within the offer is less than what I had expected. I would be willing to accept this offer if we can find middle ground on the salary range. I was hoping for $46,000 for this position (instead of $40,000 as disclosed in their original offer) due to... (list three very valid points to why you believe $46,000 is a suitable range). It can be due to the following:

  • Workload

  • Knowledge

  • Experience

  • Expertise

  • Capabilities

  • Commute

  • Gas

  • Relocation

  • Strategic mindset

Remind them why they want you, and why you are the perfect fit for the position.

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