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Turnover rate is a big deal. Why? Because businesses lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for hiring individuals that were not the right fit for the position nor the company. It costs time, resources, and is an emotionally draining process resulting in several liabilities for organizations and staff. Employees are the heart of your organization, and it would be best to ensure you hire right the first time around. There are several methods to reduce the turnover rate, but the technique I would like to concentrate on, for now, are interview questions.

Focus on your hiring strategy. Make sure the questions you are asking potential candidates align with the corporate culture of the company. Focus on characteristics, skills, and traits that are non-negotiable for the position. Here’s an example of the top three components most looked for in candidates: (1) a willingness to learn and grow, (2) the skills set and knowledge they already possess, and (3) emotional intelligence. If these aren’t the key components you are seeking in your candidates, write down the top traits which are non-negotiable for the position.

Majority of candidates come to interviews nervous. Especially when they are interviewing for the first time in a very long time; or they really want the position, or they really want to work for the company, and honestly, it is pretty much a nerve-wracking the experience as is, especially if they feel like you are interrogating them. Therefore, to remove all nervousness, I like to begin my interviews by breaking the ice and making sure they feel comfortable.

Now, a resume is a type of marketing material used today as a method of landing interviews. It is not the person you are interviewing; it is merely a brief explanation of the history behind their education and work – not who they are. Therefore, my questions are all questions that I could not have known based on their resume. While I prepare my inquires for each interview, I put myself in the candidate shoes and think which questions I would like to be asked if I was interviewing for that role.

Keep in mind that the interview process doesn’t need to be emotionally draining for your staff or yourself. It’s an opportunity to meet new people that are at a transitional point in their lives seeking new opportunities. Even if a candidate is not the right fit for your company, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a fit for another. Therefore, if candidates accept and agree connect them or inform them of other opportunities that are available even if you didn't decide to hire them.

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