Burned out? Your audience might be burned out as well.

by Andrea Vidal

As I wrote this, I was alternating between my second cup of coffee and water. I can chug down cafecitos like someone who needs to be awake for the next three days (thanks Miami).

I started thinking about productivity and production and the weight they carry within content creation. Productivity is how you effectively use your time to carry out the creative process, while production is the act of creating the deliverable content. Sometimes it feels like productivity and output are part of the same coin, and sometimes it feels like it’s the complete opposite. That’s a post for another day, maybe a day when I haven’t had so many cafecitos.

Looking at your brand, and what you stand for, your community, ideal audience, how you are serving others and everything else you can think of in its relation is an extensive complex system. Then place it into a big bowl, add additional ingredients such as trends, consistency, and algorithms, and mix it. Let’s call this mixture a ‘content creation soup’ for lack of a better term.

I might be hungry because soup sounds great.

Then I started asking myself (post-thinking about soup). Is there such a thing as content burnout?

A content creator can get burned out, so can your audience get burned out by your content as well?

Are we creating TOO MUCH content? Are people genuinely ENGAGING with the content? Should we strive to create better QUALITY content versus just producing content to PRODUCE?

I think we can get caught up in trying to produce content and be productive that we can lose sight of genuine engagement. The kind of commitment that the creator, the organization, the audience, and future audience can truly get on board. I think it’s just something we should be aware of. Not to make ourselves feel bad, but to see how the dynamics in your brand and audience are changing. It’s always in flux, and that’s okay. If you’re feeling burned out with your content, then it’s likely your audience is feeling that too.

So how do you know when your brand and audience are changing? Let’s ponder over that for a bit. Let’s bring it back to the classics.


● Who is now your audience? View your content & audience data holistically; go backward to go forward

● What shared purpose(s) shapes the relationship between you and your audience? Can you identify your shared purpose and the interaction between you and your community?

● When did you start to see a shift in the content you were producing and the quality? Be completely honest here; if you’re not all in for your content, then it will show. It would help if you were your number one fan. GO YOU.

● Where do you see your content heading? Do you have a future vision with your content? Are you headed towards that or have you shifted?

● How will you influence others?To influence others, we must understand them. Build your relationship with your community, start asking different questions, have them ask questions, create a shared space for your community

If you’re anything like me, then you are saying to yourself….

“Okay cool, some questions to think about, BUT ARE THERE ANSWERS? I need them, please, and thank you.”

I got you covered, here are a few suggestions:

Please feel free to use your brain as well and share it with us! Your beautiful, magical minds! *throws confetti for extra inspiration*

● Go mid-range outside of your comfort zone. Suitable for trial & error and to get some new inspiration from and see how your audience reacts.

● Take a break; yup, I said it. Sometimes we need to step away, to come back and be fully aware. It’s okay to take a break; we are all human; let’s stop pretending we aren’t.

● Don’t be afraid to ask your audience. NO SHAME. Your struggle might be their struggle; we can struggle together and build each other up.

● Realign your purpose if you feel that things have shifted too far. Reignite your purpose by finding things that spark your joy. When your purpose gives you joy, you transfer that to others. WE GOTTA HUSTLE FOR JOY.

Creativity is fluid, so your approach should be met with a similar process. Remember that your connection to your audience has to be authentic. Your mission is to connect and serve your community if you aren’t doing that, then what are you doing? I’ll let you answer that yourself.

So go out there and create awesome content but makes sure it still speaks to you and your vision and your audience. That’s a lot to navigate, but like all great things, they require a balance of ourselves, our work, and community.

Take a deep breath and create! Or don’t.

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